Friday, September 29, 2023

How To Pronk Your Way To A Happier Life

Have you pronked today? How about having a good stot?

The verb “pronk” comes from the Afrikaans verb “to show off,” and “stotting” derives from the Scots and Geordie verb meaning “walk with a bounce.” Alpacas and llamas do it, sheep sometimes try it, dogs and cats have varying degrees of hops in ’em. Pronking springboks — which sounds more like a CAPTCHA phrase than part of a real sentence — are the most impressive to watch.

As a combination of a skip and a super-high jump that screams “YOLO isn’t dead,” pronking might be the best option for your next exit from an awkward conversation, morning after escape, meeting that’s run too long, or bad date getaway. Here, we’ve collected eight all-star pronkers for you to learn from:

This llama and his fabulous alpaca friend:


These fluffy dudes names Hansel and Lymric in the dreamiest meadow:

This little bro who took his game to a new level:



This Rhodesian Ridgeback stotting the hell out of a field:


This cat who pronked himself straight into the abyss:


This whole herd of beautiful Alpaca floofs pronking into the sunset:


This terrier whose zest for life should be bottled and sold:


And a young Springbok winning Best Pronk of the Year:



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