Parents Can Now Choose The Sex Of Their Baby

Under certain circumstances.

Parents Can Now Choose The Sex Of Their Baby
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A recently proposed law gives parents the ability to choose the sex of their child when conceiving through in vitro fertilization, a process that’s become more popular over the years.

This choice isn’t given to parents because they’d rather have a boy instead of a girl; it’s a little more complicated than that. The proposed law could only be used in situations where the child is at risk of inheriting genetic diseases.

If this law were to pass, it would grant more input and power to the government, especially when it comes to surrogacy. In these cases, before an agreement is made, there would have to be a pre-authorization process.

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“This pre-authorization process will help to safeguard the welfare of the parties involved in the surrogacy agreement, in particular any child who may potentially be born as a result of that agreement, as well as the surrogate involved.”

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The law is only in its first stages and will most likely undergo several revisions.  

There’s always been some controversy regarding IVF babies, ever since the procedure began in the late ’70s. Currently, some doctors believe that manipulating the sex of the embryo could result in damages to the baby, and that these procedures could also result in a gender bias.

While these critiques are valid, and there are many questions surrounding this procedure and the subsequent government input, it’s a solution for couples that are turning to IVF because they’ve had problems conceiving. If choosing the sex of the baby helps save more lives while also eliminating dangerous diseases, then maybe it’s the right choice and could lead to healthy generations of children. The future looks pretty scary, so we might as well roll with the punches here. 

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