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Pikachu Speaks In His New Movie And People Are Not Okay

If there’s one thing we all know is that Pikachu doesn’t speak. We can easily recall those adorable yet nagging “pikas” that the little character would spew, which could have different meanings depending on the context of the conversation.

Apparently, ‘Pokemon: I Choose You!’, didn’t get the memo, because Pikachu starts talking right in the middle of it (spoiler: it’s in a dream sequence, but who cares?). Movie goers claimed that the most unrealistic part of the movie was this piece of Pikachu dialogue, even less credible than the fact that people in this world collect monsters inside little balls (how do they even fit in there?).

What the fuck indeed. Pikachu’s creepy and sensuous voice doesn’t make things easier either. This is a kid’s movie people, and bestiality is also not okay.

You don’t have to be a fan of the franchise to know that Pikachu doesn’t talk. That’s just Pokemon 101. If we’re trying to be rational here and excuse why the writers thought this was a good idea, then yes, I guess in the world of Pokemon there are a few Pokemons that talk. Meowth, the evil cat member of Team Rocket, can talk and it’s mostly funny because of course cats can talk in a parallel universe. That makes perfect sense. There’s also Mewtwo, who’s kind of a literal God, and it’s very scary when he starts speaking because you know shit’s gonna go down. But Pikachu? So unnecessary, guys.

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