Friday, December 1, 2023

This Calculator Will Make You Feel Better About Your Income

It’s too easy in this economy to feel like you have next to nothing. Holding back on enjoying your life because you don’t make enough money is a struggle many of us face, even those who work full-time and have a side (or two) hustle.

To up your gratefulness this holiday season, check out The Global Rich List. It’s an online calculator that will put your annual income into some much needed perspective. Simply type in how much you make (after taxes) and it will let you know exactly how you rank among the world’s wealthiest. And you may be surprised.

There is both an Income and Wealth option to choose from. The Income button allows you to get the most accurate ranking possible, while the Wealth route is the most precise, however, you’ll need to know your net worth (everything you own minus everything you owe) .

Once you enter your income, the results might surprise you. The simple fact that you live in America and have access to the Internet will place you higher among the world’s wealthiest than you likely imagined.

For example, someone who lives in Seattle and nets an annual income of $60,000 places among the top .19% of the richest people in the world (or the 11,425,788th richest). Someone in Germany who makes that amount of euros would place in the .11% percentile of the world’s richest (or the 6,824,363rd richest).

A London ad agency called Poke used data from the World Bank to create the calculator for Care International’s Life2Live campaign, to get people to realize how far a small donation could stretch to help fight global poverty.

Now, you have something extra to be thankful for this giving season.


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