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5 Pet Dangers You May Have Missed

From when to call your vet to surprising items to avoid, here are some pet dangers that may shock you.

Are you a part of the 67% of American households that own something furry, fuzzy or scaly? With more families than ever before investing in their pets — to the tune of over $72.13 billion dollars — keeping your littlest family member safe is probably the first priority, and knowing the items that are particularly dangerous to your pet is the first step in assuring their well-being.

Laurie Hess, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice) and owner of the Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics often has to remind families that birds and other exotic pets face dangers most pet owners don’t realize. “Not all things are necessarily safe for cats and dogs are safe for exotic pets,” Laurie explained. “Aerosol can be used around a dog but isn’t safe for a bird who has very sensitive respiratory tracks.” 

Laurie further shared that Teflon pans were especially concerning, and most new bird owners didn’t realize that non-stick cookware emits chemicals which can harm birds in a home. 

Many exotic pet owners don’t have a veterinarian who treats their pet. Having a yearly visit is one of the most loving (and responsible) steps you can take for your pet. If you have an unusual or nontraditional pet, a veterinarian can give you insights to temperature environment, food and everything you need to know about keeping your pet well.”  

Jonathan R., a certified veterinarian technician in Wisconsin, explained that often people stall on calling their veterinarian and that shouldn’t be the case. “Having a good relationship with your veterinarian where you can ask candid questions is vital to your pet.”

Not only helpful in diagnosing new behavior or warning signs, a solid relationship can greatly benefit your cherished and furry family member. “Many people forget that a phone call is free, and the vet is there to answer questions,” Jonathan stated. “There are no dumb questions.” 

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From when to call your vet to surprising items to avoid, here are 5 pet dangers that may shock you: 

  • Products with foam like NERF darts or yoga mats can be chewed and often end up causing a serious blockage in your dog or cat’s intestines. 
  • Snacks or gum with xylitol can harm your dog or cat.
  • While they look like fun, hair binders can cause an internal blockage in pets where the intestines fold over and stop working. 
  • Lethal to dogs, ibuprofen should always be kept away from pets. 
  • Some essential oils are toxic to pets of all kinds. See a list from Michelson Found Animals of oils both safe and not safe for your pet. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a full list of items to keep away from your pet here

If your pet runs in to trouble or you believe they have gotten a hold of something they shouldn’t, resources are available. Call your vet or call: 

Pet Poison Helpline, 855-764-7661

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, 888-426-4435



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