Monday, March 27, 2023

Siri Is Hinting That She’s Getting A Makeover At WWDC

When asked about Apple’s upcoming developer conference, Siri has been strongly hinting at a significant makeover. The AI has said that it’ll be getting a lot smarter, that it’ll have a brand new voice, and that it’ll also have an awesome new home.

While Siri used to be innovative when it first came out, it has been eclipsed by competitors who have much more complex software and equipment. Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home have had great sales and critical reception, being capable of doing online shopping for you, playing music, and setting your alarms. Apple’s Home Pod has lagged behind. To make things worse, Siri is also also easily confused and much less intuitive than other voice assistants on the market.

Among the rumored changes that are coming, Mashable believes that Siri might get a male voice make-over, or at least the possibility of having a male voice as an option. Amazon’s Alexa has this option even though it’s much less popular than it’s default, which is used for marketing purposes. Google took things further than any other company by giving their AI John Legend’s voice. Literally.

Whatever Apple decides to do next, it’s time for the company to invest on their AI software if they wish to stay competitive on today’s technological landscape. According to Recode, voice enabled devices and services are one of the biggest investments and technologies of the future.



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