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Did This Company Make A Racist Remark About Meghan Markle?

Super Dickmann’s, a German candy company, was forced to apologize over an image they uploaded on their Facebook. In it, a chubby marshmallow covered in chocolate poses as Meghan Markle, wearing a wedding dress and a crown with a phrase on top that roughly translates into “A foam in white.” Just… Why?

The image was uploaded on May 19, in the midst of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

Screenshot via Super Dickmann’s/Facebook/BBC

Super Dickmann’s is known for their marshmallow treats and while it might have been a good idea to take advantage of the royal wedding crowd, this poor exercise in Photoshop, aside from heavily leaning into Markle’s race, is really awful looking.

According to BBC News, the caption of the Facebook post said, “What are you looking at? Wouldn’t you want to be Meghan today?” Which is lame, and makes little sense.

The Sun reports that the post got called out immediately, with users claiming that the image was “racist shit,” and that it made people want to “set something on fire.” Super Dickmann’s took the post down soon after, explaining that the company put little thought on the campaign while also issuing a brief public apology.

A big pardon! The world of Super Dickmann is colorful and diverse and far from racist thoughts.”

Well thanks for that. Your marketing is still very bad.

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