Some Of Claire’s Make-Up Products May Have Asbestos In Them

The company claims their products are safe

Photo by Flickr user Mike Mozart

Claire’s, the place of your childhood dreams, is also a place infected with a potentially cancerogenous toxin. Aside from the fact that the company is at the brink of bankruptcy, the Food and Drug Administration has recently accused Claire’s of selling asbestos-laced products, including eye shadow, contour palettes and compact powder.

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The FDA reports that it’s not uncommon for asbestos to end up in beauty products, “often found near talc, an ingredient in many cosmetic products.” Talc used for cosmetics can easily get contaminated with asbestos when mining sites are not selected carefully and when the necessary steps for purification are not followed closely.

For their part, Claire’s issued a statement through their Twitter and is removing the three make-up items from their stores. They argue that their products are safe and that the FDA mischaracterized their fibers as asbestos in their testing.

Since the 90S are long gone and you can find glittery makeup in plenty of other places, we’d advice you to take your children to other stores, at least until Claire’s is cleared from the FDA’s accusations.

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