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Urban Decay Will Release A Make-Up Line Inspired By ‘Game Of Thrones’

Because who doesn't want to look like a White Walker?

Photo via urbandecaycosmetics/Instagram

From Super Bowl commercials to board games, a surprising amount of businesses are trying to make a product that somehow relates to Game of Thrones. Urban Decay, a cosmetics company, had the wildest idea when they decided to create a Game of Thrones-inspired make-up line, which will hit shelves this April just in time for the final season of the show.

Now, when you see a White Walker you’ll think “beauty product” instead of “murderous frozen zombie.”

Details regarding the new make-up line are scarce but it was confirmed through the company’s Instagram that there’s some sort of Ice and Fire theme. Act surprised.


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Although the idea behind the make-up line is a little silly, the colors and the pictures available look kind of cool, so we shouldn’t judge it before we try it on. Game of Thrones is an extremely beloved show that has changed the way in which we view TV, opening up a space for fantasy content. It’s watched by people of all genders and ages, so we predict Urban Decay’s line will have some sort of success.

Although Halloween is far off, this year you can expect less Khaleesi and more White Walkers. This time, the zombies will be kind of beautiful instead of creepy and morbid.

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