Thursday, July 9, 2020
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The Temperature In The Pacific Ocean Is Changing The Weather In Southern California

Climate change is influencing water temperatures, breaking records along San Diego beaches during the month of August. These warm waters have also influenced the lives of people who live near the coast, creating an unusually warm climate in an area that is normally of moderate temperature.

Weather reports show that the extremely high weather off San Diego never dropped to a normal level during the entire month of August. According to Mashable, Mark Moede, National Weather Service Meteorologist, says that San Diego’s current weather is unprecedented. “It’s been really, really warm and uncomfortable to try and sleep in. The nights are getting to be intolerable.”

Waters over 81 degrees Fahrenheit contribute to this stuffy weather, heating masses of air located over the ocean which later migrate to the coast.

Other factors that influence the weather are global warming, which has set high temperature records throughout the U.S., and the hot mass of air that has been sitting over the southwestern area of the country.


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