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The Temperature In The Pacific Ocean Is Changing The Weather In...

Climate change is influencing water temperatures, breaking records along San Diego beaches during the month of August.

You’ll Never Guess Why This Video Of A Rolling Lemon Went...

This video of a lemon rolling down a hill has already amassed more than 100,000 likes and nearly 10 million views on Twitter. But why?

Girl Scouts Can Now Sell Cookies In Front Of Colorado Dispensaries

Good news for those who want to buy their cannabis products and Girl Scout Cookies in the same place: you can totally do that now!

These Minor Instagram Celebs Were Arrested For Showing Their Butts At...

A San Diego couple known to thousands on Instagram as "Traveling Butts" is now infamous for a very different reason: they were arrested for baring their bottoms at a holy site.

Holy S***! Brewery Makes Surprisingly Good Beer With Recycled Sewer Water

Sewer water probably doesn't conjure up images of quenching one's thirst, but Stone Brewing out of San Diego is trying to change that.