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These 10 Childhood Toys Could Make You Rich

Toys from the 80s and 90s are now being sold for crazy amounts of money. And chances are not terrible that you have at least one.

Looking at your old toys and belongings is great for nostalgia purposes, but everyone always dreams of selling one of them and becoming instantly rich. Although highly unlikely, these kind of stories do happen, especially if you were a picky child who purchased a special edition toys and left them inside their box. That’s like, the plot of Toy Story 2.

Sadly, not every old Barbie you own is going to be worth $500. The toys that sell for a lot of money are generally special editions maintained in pristine conditions. Here are some toys that could make you rich if you have the right model and find the right buyer:

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids were huge in the 80s and 90s, so obviously they’re worth a lot of money nowadays. The really old dolls can be sold for over a thousand bucks. According to Ebay’s guidelines, the dolls need to be in good conditions in order to be sold and the rarer they are the better. “Baldies” and “Red Fuzzies” are some of the most prized Cabbage Patch dolls,

A classic Nintendo console

Buzzfeed reports that some original Nintendo consoles are being sold for almost $2,000. That’s a true travesty once you realize that Nintendo has been re-releasing them and selling them for $60.

A Furby

We all had a Furby, caring for it and being awoken by it at late hours of the night. Sadly, few people had the foresight to keep it inside its box. Rare edition Furbies in pristine conditions have been sold for $100,000.

Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards

Trading cards are sold for really crazy prices, with some Garbage Pail original & unopened packs selling for $4,000.

Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were collected by a lot of people in the 90s, and they released some really weird special editions. There’s the Princess Diana Beanie Baby and the Valentino Bear Beanie Baby, both of which sell for a couple of hundred dollars. Then there’s Peanut the Elephant Beanie Baby, which is priced between $2,000 and $5,000. Go look through your basement.

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10 Things From Your Childhood That Could Make You Rich
Photo by Flickr user nortoncasey67

Pokemon cards

Old school Pokemon cards, especially the shiney ones, can be sold for a lot of money nowadays. Take that, parents.

Game Boys

Game Boys in pristine conditions can be sold for over $250, especially if they have cool designs and colors. The catch is that these devices have to actually work.

“Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone”

If you own one of the first editions of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone (only 500 were published), you might earn $40,000. While this is totally a long shot, it’s too outrageous not to include in this list!

Happy Meal toys

If you have a bucketful of Happy Meal toys, you might sell them for a substantial amount on eBay.

Hot Wheels  

Several Hot Wheels toys from the 90’s can be sold on eBay for over $100. One special edition is being sold for $10,000. You never know, sometimes it pays to be a hoarder.


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