Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Apple Is Finally Changing How They Make Their Software

It only took a decade and a couple of scandals for Apple to switch things up and do something they haven’t done before.

While Apple has received tons of criticism lately, experts believe this isn’t due to poor devices and software that’s filled with bugs. Experts claim that this vocal outrage is due to the amount of Apple users because one bug in the software is experienced by millions of people. So if you’ve been considering leaving Apple, you should think things through.

According to Business Insider, the next version of the iOS will be a departure from what Apple usually does with their software updates. Instead of redesigning the home screen, a feat the company does pretty often and that serves no particular purpose, Apple will focus on making their software more stable, reliable, and faster.

Previously, Apple launched a new software with a new device, including fancy additions used to market the phone and to lure new customers in. By switching things up, Apple is tending to the majority of their users. Yes, having the ability to put a hat on your Animoji may be amazing, but the majority of users would rather have a reliable phone that doesn’t crash, and whose battery lasts for longer periods of time.

As Bloomberg reports, this change demonstrates that Apple finally understands its product. The iPhone is no longer new, it’s been around for a decade, and it doesn’t need to change every year. It just needs to work efficiently and perform better than other phones on the market.


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