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This Company Makes CBD-Infused Workout Clothes

Acabada Active is the first clothing company in the world that has successfully infused CBD with their fabrics, providing pain relief to people as they work out.

Acabada Active, a clothing company from New York, had the unique idea of introducing CBD to fitness by incorporating the compound into the fabrics of their clothing. Supposedly, the company managed to create the first clothing items in the world that are capable of relieving pain in muscles and joints as you’re working out.

Although strange, the product makes some sort of sense. CBD’s positive effects on inflammation, muscles aches and skin have been widely reported.

On the company’s website they explains that their fabrics are infused with high quality microscopic CBD droplets. In order for pain relief to be present the minute you start sweating, the CBD droplets are protected by a coating that only allows their healing effect to appear once you start moving while wearing the clothes.

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Stressed, sore, and searching for balance? Enter: Acabada’s luxury ProActiveWear, infused with the power of CBD 🌿⠀ ⠀ There are endocannabinoid receptors all over your body, including the different layers of the skin 🔎 like the dermis, epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands.⠀ ⠀ With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has users reporting benefits that range from reducing anxiety to helping with sleep and recovery after intense exercise.⠀ ⠀ ProActiveWear makes adding CBD to your wellness regime easier than ever. Start feeling amazing from the moment you get dressed.⠀ ⠀ Because whoever said ‘no pain, no gain’ clearly wasn’t wearing the right clothes.

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This also means that CBD’s presence and effect in the clothes is only temporary. The website explains that the compound will disappear from the clothes after around 40 washes, after which you’ll only be left with cute workout clothes.

Acabada Activewear sells all sorts of fitness products, from leggins to tops. Although the merchandise is expensive and far from perfect, there’s something innovative in what they’re doing, which will surely capture the attention of many fitness enthusiasts. The fact that the company is hopping on the very popular CBD train means that, at least, they’ll get tons of press coverage.


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