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This Hot Dog Costume Has The Most Amazing Customer Reviews

As everyone decides their last-minute Halloween costume, we have discovered the most ridiculous outfit you could wear. The greatest news is that it’s a great pop culture reference, hassle-free, and available on Amazon immediately.

Behold the Dancing Hot Dog Costume:

It’s made by Snap Inc.—one of the handful of physical products the company makes—and, yes, you can Snapchat while wearing the Snapchat costume. The tunic-shaped outfit provides hand slits for you social media addicts who need to document your good time.

But possibly the greatest delight among discovering this ridiculous costume is the customer reviews. You want puns? We got puns. This reminds me of when Mad Max fans flooded the comments section of chrome-colored spray paint cans.

Check these out:

  • “I wore this to work for the first time today, and I’ve already been promoted twice. Soon I’ll be the top dog around here.”
  • “My husband’s dancing weiner left me for another woman so I became a hotdog. 5 stars.”
  • “Sometimes when I’m alone in my room I’ll put it on and do the dance. When I’m the hotdog all of my real world problems melt away.”
  • “I put this on and all my acne cleared up. Then my mom woke up from her 5 year coma. 5/5”
  • “They called me a loser. Everyone doubted me. I put this costume on today — look who’s the weiner now.”
  • “I’m in sales. Its hard to stand out. But i wore this to a sales meeting the other day and closed 3 contracts. When you’re the Top Dog, it really pays off!”
  • “The listing says “100% beef.” I was very disappointed that there is no beef in this product. Also, the “fresh new flavor” tasted suspiciously like plastic, a flavor that is neither fresh nor new.”

Of course there were some haters among the bunch. Another reviewer commented, “As soon as I put it on, I had to kick my own ass,” which sounds like more of a personal issue if you ask us.

Anyways, if you need a last-minute costume that makes you stand out at the party, look no further. You’ll be a wiener.



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