Friday, December 8, 2023

This Is The Most Googled Halloween Costume In You State

This year’s Halloween is a little different (okay, a lot different), but that doesn’t mean people aren’t celebrating. Here are some of the most popular costumes of 2020 according to Google.

Signaling the beginning of fall and the fact that the year is almost over (hands in prayer emoji), Halloween is a moment that provides something for people of all ages. Kids get the chance to dress up and eat candy until they’re sick and adults get to dress up and get wasted without anyone judging them too harshly.

While this year is different in every way, there’s no reason why costumes can’t still be enjoyed. Google Trends set up a spooky page called “Frightgeist” that allows people to see the most popular costumes in each state. There are different sections, including a map of the U.S. highlighting the most searched costumes per state and an option to search for a costume according to your own personal preferences. After following these prompts, Google Trends suggested I dress up as a farmer, which was not what I was expecting. Still, I appreciate the inspiration.

Here are 5 of the most searched Halloween costumes of 2020 and the states in which they’re most popular:


witch costume
Photo by Zachary Kadolph via Unsplash

Witch costumes have been trending this year, particularly in areas like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sacramento and Chicago. Witches are the reason why we all want to watch Hocus Pocus as soon as the weather drops.


Photo by Huang Yingone via Unsplash

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A more random popular costume this season is the dinosaur, which is trending in areas like New York, LA, San Francisco and Fresno. I see no reason why people would be so interested in dinosaurs except for how popular those videos are of people wearing tiny armed t-rex costumes and doing silly thing.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Photo by Chema Photo via Unsplash

Against all odds, Harley Quinn was one of the only superhero characters to get the spotlight this year. Birds of Prey, the film she stars in, was one of the only major blockbusters released this year, right before the pandemic started. If you live in New York, Houston, LA, Detroit or Nashville, your odds of stumbling into some Harleys are greatly increased.


bunny costume
Photo by S&B Vonlanthen via Unsplash

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The fourth most searched costume is… a rabbit? According to Google, this costume is searched most in LA, New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Nashville. Don’t ask why. I guess rabbit costumes can be very cute on children and very disturbing on adults.


Photo by Flickr user OakleyOriginals

Coming in fifth this year are clown costumes. These polarizing characters are popular primarily in New York, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, Green Bay and LA. Creepy clowns are always a hit on Halloween, just not in your dreams.


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