Sunday, August 14, 2022

This Tile Floor Is An Optical Illusion That Will Blow Your Mind

This tile floor from a British company is liable to make you sick. Literally. That’s because the entrance way to Casa Ceramica in Manchester also doubles as optical illusion. Looking at photos, the floor appears topsy-turvy and liable to cause you to go crashing down. But it’s actually flat.

The floor was made to expand the limits of what tile could do. Casa Ceramica owner Duncan Cook posted a video of jokingly navigating the floor that might eerily resemble something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland.

Some on social media joked that it would be perfect to cause someone second-guessing from running across the floor. Even after you possess the knowledge that the floor is flat, your brain still tricks you into thinking it’s not.

For those wondering about how the floor appears from the opposite perspective, thankfully Cook posted a photo from the back entrance. Here you can see that the floor is, in fact, flat.

This whole discovery was possible because of another Twitter user posting about a carpet from hell. If you think the tile tricks you into an optical illusion, this carpet makes me think I’ll break both feet after walking across it.

Just look.

We’re all for innovation here, but let’s just say we wouldn’t want that in our office.


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