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This Week’s Music: Dido, Suki Waterhouse And Calpurnia

This Week’s Music is a weekly column that discusses the weeks’ best, worst, and most interesting songs. We try to select songs of different artists and genres to keep things interesting and to please a variety of music fans.

This week’s column highlights the dancey return of Dido and the musical singles of two actors turned singers: Suki Waterhouse and Finn Wolfhard. Check them out.


Dido – Take You Home

Dido is back with a much, um, dancey song? Vibey? Millennial? I don’t know the appropriate word. From the song’s name, to the artwork, to the controlled and autotuned vocalizations, it’s obvious that Dido and her producers are trying to adapt her image to our EDM dominated music industry. Still, Dido manages to land on her feet and deliver a solid single thanks to her lovely and intelligent voice that can’t be eclipsed by beats that we’ve heard before.


Suki Waterhouse – Good Looking

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Suki Waterhouse is a model and actress, known for her roles in movies like The Bad Batch. She’s also a singer, releasing her first single, “Brutally,” in 2016. “Good Looking” doesn’t have much to say but it’s cute and kind of charming if you try to get swept away. The music video does a disservice to the song, resulting in an Instagram filter clip where a very good looking boy is seen frolicking around with the equally good looking Waterhouse. All is not lost, Waterhouse’s music isn’t awful and with a little lyric work she could deliver a good single.

Calpurnia – Cell

Finn Wolfhard, that super famous kid from “Stranger Things” and Stephen King’s It, is also in a somehow famous band made up of other talented kids. Wild. Calpurnia sounds like a young and less great version The Strokes with a dash of Weezer. “Cell” doesn’t have the best lyrics, vocals or the most varied instrumental landscape but it’s not a bad listen. Also the video is kind of cute considering that no one onscreen is over 20 years old.



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