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This Woman Tried To Board A Flight With An Emotional Support Peacock

United Airlines denied entry to a woman’s emotional support animal, a peacock, even though she offered to buy a ticket for it. The incident took place in Newark International Airport, where people took photos of the animal and uploaded them online.

According to Business Insider (via Mysanantonio.com), United Airlines explained that the peacock didn’t meet the guidelines for emotional support animals, and that they’d told this to the customer on three separate occasions before she’d arrived at the airport. At least she tried.

This event follows Delta’s recent announcement claiming that they’d tighten their security protocols in terms of emotional support animals. This new measure, which was very criticized, will be done to prevent accidents and incidents related to emotional support animals that haven’t been properly trained. Such incidents increased 84 percent during the previous year and have included instances where the animals urinate, defecate, and attack passengers and crew members. Basically, Delta called it quits because they’ve seen a lot of shit.

Many airlines will probably follow Delta’s example, so people will have to end up paying for their animals to travel. Which is a real bummer. Let the peacock fly!


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