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Canadian Cops Accidentally Eat Marijuana Edibles And Freak Out

You know how you always see those pictures of cops standing beside bricks of marijuana and other drugs after major drug raid? It always begs the question: Just where does all that weed go?

Well in the case of two Canadian cops, it went right into their gullets.

Evidence became snack foods as the police officers reportedly consumed edibles that were supposed to be seized during a Toronto dispensary drug raid, according to NEWSTALK 1010. When the pair of cops didn’t feel any effects from the edibles, they decided to eat more. Then they ate even more.

The police officers began to complain of “hallucinations,” according to CBC. After one of them ended up in a tree, other police on the scene called for medical attention, according to CP24.

Mike McCormack, President of the Toronto Police Association, confirmed the two officers were suspended with pay with an ongoing investigation. He declined to comment on the investigation itself, however.

“All I can tell you is that there is an ongoing investigation,” he said. “I’m not aware of the specific allegations around the investigation and I’m not going to comment or speculate until the investigation is complete.”

One responding officer slipped on ice when chasing after one of the stoned policemen. She sustained a serious head injury and received medical attention.

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