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Watch Thor Be A Nightmare Roommate In ‘Team Thor’ Clip

It’s no secret that the best moments of superhero stories—either in comic book or TV or film form—aren’t the fights or display of superhuman strength. The best moments are when we’re reminded how regular our heroes can be, battling very human struggles. Meet Thor the crappy roommate.

Though usually those normal moments play for dramatic effect, the recent Marvel shorts depicting Team Thor spring into comedy. The first, packaged with the Captain America: Civil War DVD, explained why Thor wasn’t part of the fight between Captain America and Iron Man. He’d moved to Australia, renting a flat with his roommate Darryl.

Marvel has released another of the shorts, this one coming as an extra on the Doctor Strange DVD, and sees Thor trying to pay his rent in Asgardian coins and asserting the pair’s need for a servant.

Both shorts are directed by Taiki Waititi. He’s also behind the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and last year’s tender romp Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

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