Monday, June 5, 2023

Trump Quotes In This Futurama Character’s Voice Is Everything We Ever Wanted

There’s something familiar about Trump.  The hair. The self-importance. The misogyny. The up-failing ways of a man given too much status and too little grey matter.

He bears a striking resemblance to Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan, a character creator David X. Cohen has described as “half Captain Kirk, half actual William Shatner.” His motives are uncannily similar to the Donald’s: Defeating pacifists, bullying the weak, climbing as high as possible with minimal effort.

Billy West, the prolific voice of animated characters including Zapp, put his gifts to work on making America laugh again. Using the hashtag #MakeAmericaBrannigan, West recorded Zapp’s voice saying Trumps actual quotes. It’d almost be unbelievable that these are actual quotes, if West hadn’t included the year and place where Trump said them.

Let’s just hope we don’t hear “Fire all weapons and open a hailing frequency for my victory yodel” in November.



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