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Twitter Is Pissed Over This Marathon Marriage Proposal

When you’ve trained for the better part of a year to run your first marathon with the hopes of crossing the finish line still alive and able to walk upright, the last thing you want to encounter is an obstacle along the way. Enter a young man who thought mile 16 of 26.2 miles would be the appropriate time to propose to his girlfriend, who was only 10 miles from completing the race.

The question is not, was this a kind gesture? Was this pure love in all its glory? The question, as Twitter reminded us, is: couldn’t this guy have waited at the finish line?

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And of course she said yes! She had stuff to do! It’s like how you let your kid have that candy bar at the grocery store because you’d rather finish your shopping than deal with a tantrum on aisle 9.


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The woman, Kaitlyn Curran, certainly looked happy when she ran off after accepting the marriage proposal from her now fiancé, Dennis Galvin. And, sure, maybe she wasn’t running the race for time, but fellas, let your ladies have their moment before you hog the spotlight and make it all about you. 1/10, would not recommend.


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