Thursday, May 28, 2020
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WATCH: Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Re-Imagined as ‘The Golden Girls’ Parody

While it’s sad the final season of HBO’s Girls will end soon, thankfully Lena Dunham and gang gave us good indication where their characters would end up: in a retirement home together. The segment played on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was a clear homage to The Golden Girls.

Though set in 2067, the characters’ aging hasn’t dulled their quirky habits and petty mannerisms. Yes, Marnie is still self-centered; yes, Jessa poses with hip ironic detachment; yes, Shoshanna still delivers Grade-A flustered tirades; and yes, Hannah gets naked. Would you expect (or want) anything less?

The visual gag comes when Andrew Rannells’ Elijah appears halfway through, not looking a day older. It’s a double joke, considering Rannells in real life is 38 years old. (He’s not the oldest male on the show—Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray, is 41.)

All in all, this was a neat treat. But it reminds us once again how much we’ll miss these characters when they’re gone.

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