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Now *This* Is How You Celebrate Olympic Gold

This year’s Olympics have provided us with plenty of memorable moments and memes to fill any jingoistic reserve. There’s the ongoing #LochteGate, which cause further captivation and chuckles at every new turn (and there’s been a lot). We saw Hiroki Ogita, the Japanese pole vaulter, prove sometimes size does matter (amirite, ladies?). And don’t forget Vince Staples keeping it too real about horse-racing and Simone Biles.

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics: The gift that keeps giving content.

Risako Kawai won gold against Belarus’ Mariya Mamashuk in the freestyle -63kg class championship match. It was Japan’s fourth women’s wrestling gold. But instead of lifting team leader Kazuhito Sakae atop her shoulders like previous Japanese winners, Kawai had a different idea.

She would slam her coach. Twice.


“Before the final, the coach said he wanted me to lift him on his shoulders,” Kawai told the Japan Times. “The three wrestlers the previous day all won gold so they got to do that, and I said I wanted to be first to slam him and he let me do it.”

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