Monday, August 3, 2020
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Watch Thomas The Tank Engine Get Fast And Furious

Holiday season is here and with it comes the powerful concoction of tradition and nostalgia. For a swath of millennial boys and girls, Thomas the Tank Engine stirs up familiar emotions, being such a cultural touchstone and all.

The two are connected because those same millennial boys and girls likely received a Thomas the Tank Engine train set for Christmas, which was like the toddler version for Hot Wheels. Similar to what Toy Blocks were to Legos.

But one YouTube channel is bucking that wonderfully executed simile by showing off Thomas the Tank Engine as a stunt master. Pulling jumps and breaking through walls, Thomas and friends show off their full potential.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Fast and Furious move over, because there’s new game in town and his name is Thomas the Tank Engine. Like those franchises, let’s hope YouTube channel 5MadMovieMakers produces like seven hundred sequels to this new, exciting original IP.


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