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Ways To Brace Yourself For The Impending Heat Wave

A record breaking heat wave will be hitting the central and eastern areas of the U.S. this weekend, affecting over 115 million Americans and making for the hottest weather of the summer. “A large dome of high pressure will allow high temperatures to surge into the 90s and 100s in many locations, while heat indices will top 100 and approach 110 degrees or higher,” reports the National Weather Service.

With such high temperatures, it’s important to be prepared. Here are 5 tips that can help you stay more comfortable once the heat hits.

Learn about  public ‘cooling off’ spaces

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While homes make some of the best shelters from the heat, some cities and communities facilitate cooling centers for those who need the most attention, like children and seniors. Spaces like public libraries, malls, community and senior centers should expect more visits than usual and should have functioning AC units and cool rooms.

Prepare your home

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In order to be as comfortable as possible, make sure to cover your windows with drapes and shades, especially if they’re thermal. You can also insulate your home by placing sealant strips on doors and windows, covering cracks and gaps that facilitate the entrance of outside heat. Ceiling fans are also very helpful, moving hot masses of air and keeping your home feeling fresh.

Know the signs of heat illness

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Dangerously high temperatures can produce heat stress and heat stroke, which could have dangerous side effects when left unattended. The symptoms of heat illness include cramps, heavy sweating, exhaustion, high body temperatures, dizziness, confusion and more.

Check for alerts

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Before leaving your home, make sure to check the weather and to pinpoint cool places that could serve as shelter in case the weather goes rogue.

Be prepared once you leave the house

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If your outdoor activities can’t be postponed and you have to leave your house, at least wear proper clothing, which should be light-colored and loose. Accessorize with hats and visors that will shade and protect your face. It’s also important to avoid high energy activities and take advantage of the AC in your car or public transportation.


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