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Beyonce With Meghan Markle And More

Wait, Khloe Kardashian’s ‘bad nose job’ look was just makeup contouring?

Via Celebitchy:

Khloe did a video with Vogue where she shows off her makeup/beauty routine, and the routine includes lots of “contouring” for her nose and jawline. The video also includes Khloe’s nose from different angles, and in this video, her nose does NOT look as jacked as it has in the past two months?

Was this filmed pre-nose job, or shall I say, before her latest nose job? Or have I spent the last two months calling out Khloe’s botched nose job when really it was just “contouring”? I really don’t know. Khloe says to camera:

[From People]

“So one of my favorite things is nose contour. But this does stress me out a little bit.” The reality star explained that it’s often hard for her to know whether the contour will look as good in a photograph as it does in person. “In person and how cameras reflect and light, everything looks different,” Kardashian said. “So sometimes I will contour my nose and in real life I think I look so good and then in some photos I look crazy!”

Besides her nose, the star also uses her M.A.C Cosmetics Contour Palette to contour her jawline, which she said makes her face look smaller.

“Especially after baby, when you have had a baby [and] you’re working on losing weight, and you’re still not losing that much weight. [In] your face you just feel so big. This I swear is like a magic eraser. I sit here and I’m just like, ‘Please go away! Come again another day. Please! Or just don’t come!’” Kardashian hilariously joked.

Beyonce Shares New Pics Of Her Meeting Meghan Markle

Via iHeart Radio:

On Thursday, Queen Bey shared photos and videos of her meeting the American royal and Prince Harry at the London premiere of the Lion King. As fans know, Bey, who plays the voice of Nala in the upcoming live-action remake, walked the red carpet on Sunday (July 14) with her husband Jay- Z. Following the red carpet, the two met the royal couple (and even chatted a bit) before heading into the premiere. During the encounter, Beyoncé addressed the Duchess of Sussex as “My Princess.” The mom of three also gushed over Meghan’s newborn son Archie, calling him “so beautiful.”

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In addition to the royal photos she shared on Instagram, Bey also posted a video that showed a number of big moments, including her meeting the royals, from Sunday’s premiere. Check out the footage below!


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