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Wes Anderson Shot A Very Wes Anderson Christmas Ad For H&M

A surprising reaction occurs whenever you watch a Wes Anderson production. Almost without trying, you think, “Oh, look. Wes Anderson doing Wes Anderson things.” Wild how that works.

Some (read: everyone) might describe his work as twee. Or colorful. Or featuring Bill Murray and/or Jason Schwartzman. Mixing an arts-and-craft aesthetic and an overstated technical hand, Anderson creates emotionally-saturated, pastel-colored pallets where you’re allowed to play pretend again.

No holiday matches with Anderson’s style quite like the Christmas holidays. A forgivable cheesiness permeates both. They share a similar end goal: slipping into that warm embrace called “family.”

Now is the holiday an artificial construct we choose to believe in? Sure! But you’re kind of a heartless, green carpet monster if you don’t give into the cheer and celebration. It may shock you, but scholars even have a name for this type of monster. This is pretty NSFW so be careful before proceeding. The name scholars deem this creature? A Grinch.

Anyways why are we discussing Christmas and Wes Anderson? Great question. Well, Anderson recently directed a holiday short for H&M. It stars Adrien Brody as a mustached train conductor, breaking the news to passengers they won’t make it home for Christmas. Initially dismayed, Brody assembles them together to share some holiday celebration.

This isn’t the first quality holiday ad to strike the webs this year, delivering us some much-needed glee. Nor is this the first time a film director has produced a short film for a brand. Spike Jonze teamed up with Kenzo and Margaret Qualley for some inflammatory ecstasy. And Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein debuted as director in another Kenzo short.


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