Monday, July 6, 2020
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Watch This Jerk YouTube ‘Star’ Get Taught A New York Lesson

New York City is a land where anything can happen. The congested, claustrophobic nature of the city elicits a community banding together to help everyone win. Have you ever seen a Purge movie? If NY didn’t foster that friendly ecosystem, the city would be like that all the time.

Which is why whenever someone attempts to disrupt that system, they are quickly reminded that this isn’t their city. It’s everyone’s. Step out of line, you’re getting thrown on the third rail.

That’s what happened to Coby Persin, a YouTube personality and prankster. Persin and his buddies staged an illegal photoshoot with his car, stopping traffic and altogether inconveniencing folks trying to transport around the city. We’ll let you decipher the scene as you will, but if the word “douche” is included, we wouldn’t object. But as it does, the city snapped back, providing us this gorgeous, windshield-smashing moment.

Coby Persin meet third rail.  Hopefully you don’t know Coby Persin. When I described him to someone today as “the worst,” they instructed me to remove the quotation marks. No irony, he’s just the worst.

Anyways, his AdSense money and other deals allowed him to purchase a gaudy Beemer. (Question: If a luxury Beemer isn’t gaudy, is it even a Beemer?). He uses it *hilariously* like in the video below, *proving* that woman is a *gold digger*. He totally didn’t create a false pretense and then exploit it to manufacture a biased confirmation.

So let that be a lesson. Don’t mess with New York’s natural flow. A baseball bat might be waiting on the other side.


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