Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tantra Speed Dating: What The Hell And Why Should I?

Tantra speed dating is just like speed dating, except that in this scenario, strangers pledge their unconditional love for each other.

This new phenomenon started in New York with the Tantra Institute. Also known as “Yoga for love,” the institute tries to give something more meaningful to their participants, offering a different and deeper way of getting to know a potential romantic partner.

People who go to these events sit in a puja circle (they lay down on top of each other, like a weird renaissance painting) and engage in “relationship skills” and “fun connection” exercises. Nope, this isn’t an orgy, even though it sounds like one.

These meetings, according to an essay from someone who went there, draw inspiration from tantra, meditation, partner yoga, and improv acting, which sounds like a trip…and much more entertaining than yet another unsuccessful date facilitated by a dating app.

According to the author, like a lot of people who go on dating apps, these people were looking for real connections and life changing moments. A boyfriend, a girlfriend, whatever.

Tantra Speed Dating is run by a sort of moderator, who tells people what to do. It also goes deep — too deep for a first date. Here, people are forced to talk about the important men or women in their lives, thanking them for their influence and confessing all of these things to a practical stranger.

While online dating mostly sucks, it’s a little better than having strangers massage your back and tell you about their most private and intimate experiences. But that’s just us, though, maybe people are really into this thing. That’s cool too.


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