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What’s The Deal With The Huge Scar On Kate Middleton’s Scalp?

If you’re just now noticing that Kate Middleton has a weird situation on the left side of her scalp, we’re hair, er, here to explain. In 2011, shortly after she married Prince William, Kate was photographed during her first solo engagement as a royal and it was obvious she had a suspicious mark that was visible when she pulled her hair back.

At the time, there was some speculation that it was a bad weave, specifically, an extension track. Seriously? This is the flawless, not-a-hair-out-of-place Duchess of Cambridge we’re talking about. She’s like a walking can of hairspray. Extensiongate was later dismissed when a palace spokesman confirmed that the mark was actually…a three-inch long scar.

“The scar is related to a childhood operation,” they told the Daily Mail.

Though the childhood operation Kate underwent was not disclosed, the Daily Mail  said that senior royal sources confirmed that it had been “a very serious operation,” However, John Scurr, a consultant surgeon at the Lister Hospital in London said the exact opposite:

I really doubt it was any serious medical condition and I would say it is as a result of an arteriovenous malformation – a birthmark – being removed.

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