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5 Spas That Use CBD Topicals For Holistic Well-Being

The discovery of cannabinoids and their non-psychoactive properties has opened up new worlds to those who were once completely against the use of cannabis, including the marvelous measure of CBD massage. By isolating that particular cannabinoid or by growing cannabis/hemp with a high-CBD, low-THC content, important options arise for those simply looking for relief.  A CBD rubdown might be just what the doctor ordered.

One thing that really sets CBD apart, aside from its health benefits, is its availability. Though all components of the cannabis plant are considered illegal at the federal level in the U.S., CBD is carried in headshops, gas stations and mom-and-pop stores across the nation. CBD is infused into our morning coffees, our candies, but especially into our skin and muscle products, as its main known course of action is the reduction of inflammation.

Inflammation is the reason for so many of our aches and pains, for joint flare ups and for stiff bones and muscles. Massaging CBD-infused topicals into the skin and tissue where it hurts is a powerful analgesic and spas everywhere have caught on. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these five high-minded spots, take advantage. Your body will thank you.

Ohm Spa and Lounge—New York, New York

This spa offers “some of the best massages…in NYC,” which is quite the statement. NYC is known for its massages, but at Ohm you’ll find a CBD massage on the menu, so they do have that going for them. They describe the experience as, “The infused massage cream is rubbed into the skin throughout the session to provide a unique sense of calm and relaxation.” $189 for one hour.

The Green Tea Spa—San Diego, California

According to their site, this is “The CBD Spa Experience.” They promise to massage away your worries and pamper you with hemp-derived CBD. The “Get Lit” package is an ever-so-relaxing steal, with a two-hour facial and massage package for $115. (First-time visitors only.)

Lodo Massage Studio—Denver, Colorado

You probably can’t go wrong with an experience called the “Mile High Massage.” It includes a choice of creams, one of which is “Apothecanna’s Pain Crème,” infused with CBD, Arnica, Peppermint and Juniper.

The spa states that as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, the lotion is perfect for deep, therapeutic work. $75 for one hour.

Blue Marigold Massage—Portland, Oregon

After a few weeks of trials using CBD lotion on their fortunate clients, Portland’s Blue Marigold Massage now offers the infused massage to the masses. Their formula uses other relaxing essential oils and has an infinitesimal amount of THC in it, which is cool, because adding even a little bit, though not nearly enough to get high off of, is enough to create an entourage effect of healing cannabinoids. $105 for an hour.

Interlocks Salon—Newburyport, Massachusetts 

As of June, Interlocks offers their own CBD massage. Their techniques have already won them awards, so imagine the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD melting in with an award-winning massage focused on relieving muscle soreness. Using handcrafted salve from The Healing Rose, these massages are $113 for an hour and can be booked online.



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