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What’s The Name Of Apple’s Next iPhone?

Last year, Apple released the news that they would drop their current line of iPhones, meaning that we won’t see any more iPhones 8 or X.

Even though Apple is being more secretive than usual, some people have managed to find some leaks, claiming that there will be three new devices that will be a different twist on the iPhone X, with different price ranges and abilities. The names of these devices are important; they’ll signal a reboot of the brand and announce Apple’s plans of staying on top of the industry by innovating.

So, what’s the name of the next iPhone? iPhone 9 sounds weird, and it would also make little sense considering that the iPhone X was also known as the iPhone 10. Mashable compiled a list of possible names for the iPhone, Here are 5 of our favorites:

iPhone 8S

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The iPhone 8S would make sense since Apple likes to throw an S onto their devices when they need a reboot, or when they go through a change, while still remaining sort of the same. The one problem with this is that people are not going to know that the 8S is a generation that follows the iPhone X. That X sure caused Apple some trouble.

iPhone 9

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The most intuitive option would be to name it the iPhone 9, but like with the 8S, it still won’t feel like an upgrade over the iPhone X. The number 9 suggests that it’s an inferior version of the iPhone X, even though it’s meant to be the next generation of the phone.

iPhone 11

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This name makes the most sense out of all the ones on this list, but it’s also awful. It’s long and complicated, and we bet some people are gonna ask, “Wait, where is the iPhone 10 then?”

That’s what you get when you try to have your cake and eat it too, Apple.

iPhone X1

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This name kind of fits our culture’s zeitgeist, where there seems to be no new ideas, just an unlimited amount of updates of things that used to be fresh and better. This is a bad, bad name.


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If there’s one company in the world that can pull this move off it’s Apple. Everyone knows the iPhone, and it’d be nice to get a fresh reboot where you forget about the 8 versions of the device that did little to improve its software. Plain iPhone is clean, simple and universal.


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