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5 Rumors Regarding The iPhone 11 & The iPhone X Plus

2018 has been a rough year for Apple, where the company has had to face the consequences of some of their actions and has also had to devise a plan for the future of the iPhone.

While Apple is still the best at marketing and coming up with technologies that every other smartphone company struggles to emulate, such as the Animojis and facial recognition software, the company still has a lot to prove with their upcoming iPhone models. If Apple doesn’t play its cards right, this might be the year where people decide that the quality of the product it’s not worth the outrageous prices.

Check out these 5 rumors that websites, experts and fans expect from the iPhone X Plus and the iPhone 11:

A September 2018 Release Date

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CNET reports that, even though Apple hasn’t announced a date, the new devices will be released during this year’s September. This has become a sort of tradition for Apple, ever since 2012 where they’ve released all of their smartphones and software during this month.

A Larger iPhone

Leaks from Macrumors suggest that the new models of the iPhone will feature bigger screens; a 6.5. inch OLED and a 6.1. inch LCD. Other rumors suggest that Apple will be dropping the current size of the iPhone X, which is 5.8 inches and is too small compared to other smartphones.

A cheaper iPhone

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To make one of their devices cheaper, different sources suggest that the 6.1 inch iPhone model will drop the OLED screen, 3D Touch and the second rear camera, leaving the price of the device at 649 and 749 dollars depending on the device’s storage capabilities.

Face ID On All Their Devices

While facial recognition is only available on the iPhone X, the new versions of the smartphone could all feature Face ID, no matter their model or price. Initially, this feature was met with some concern from the public, but now its one of Apple’s biggest hits, embraced and imitated by other smartphone companies.

iOS 12 To Focus On Performance

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One of Apple’s biggest problem this year has been the amount of patches they’ve released for their iOS 11. Experts believe the company is now focusing on creating a more stable and complete software instead of one that has flashy and marketable features.


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