Monday, July 13, 2020
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Tommy Chong Thinks The XFL Will Allow Players To Use Marijuana

This week WWE founder and chairman Vince McMahon announced the XFL will return. For those who might have forgot, the XFL was a short-lived professional football league full of goofy gimmicks like scandalous cheerleaders and “rules-light” play. The league lasted only one year and, as McMahon himself admitted, it was a “colossal failure.”

But now the XFL will begin anew in 2020 with teams’ rosters and management being constructed in 2019. McMahon will be the sole funding source of the league, which will not bring back the gimmicks. Instead, McMahon boasts shorter game times and an arena where players cannot have criminal records or make personal stand regarding social issues on the playing field.

Mostly, though, the league’s rules seem up for debate. Anything seems a go, which begs the question—what will XFL’s policies be on marijuana usage?

Noted comedian and cannabis activist Tommy Chong responded the league should “for sure” allow players to consume cannabis.

“They can do anything legal and if it’s legal, why not? All the sports—especially football—football has a concussion problem and marijuana affects the brain,” Chong told TMZ. “I think what will happen is when they loosen the restriction the whole will change. For the better.”

Whether McMahon will listen—or if the league will actually return for real—remains just a question. But it will be interesting to see how McMahon’s formally progressive, yet culturally conservative vision for the XFL will respond to one of the more popular ongoing social debates.


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