Saturday, April 13, 2024

World’s Coolest Dad Built His Daughter A Ninja Warrior Course

Welcome to the American Ninja Warriors Denver City Finals, where Lylah competes on a ninja warrior course to a crowd of stuffed animals and a cheering post-edit crowd.

The tiny athlete, who’s rocking a “Girls Are Superstars” t-shirt, begins with the “quintuple steps,” and wow does she need some gloves or they’re gonna be picking splinters out of this kid for days. Then there’s the teeter pole and cargo climb, which appears to be a rope net propped up against a shed. She deftly scurries across a bowing plywood board spanning two sheds, and jumps the grocery cart that’s precariously perched on top. Honestly, what the hell dad, this is scary to watch.

After a one-handed zipline, a series of swings, and a warp wall run, Lylah finishes the course in two minutes, 23 seconds.

This is all possible because the kid has quite possibly the coolest dad ever. He’s the one behind all this incredible building. And, as you might guess, the ramps and other bad-assery don’t pay for themselves. That’s where this next part comes in: They’re running a GoFundMe campaign, the money from which will go toward building “new obstacles [and] get some scaffolding to experience new training techniques.” They’ve raised $252 so far, from 19 donations, and are trying to reach a $500 goal. Come on Lylah, daddy needs a new above-ground pool. That’d buy more than a few cans of shellac to finish all of that raw wood.

Somewhere in the world, there is likely a spouse either blissfully unaware of what’s happening in their backyard, or out of town for the weekend while these two created something amazing.

Either way, it’s fun to think about what other crazy hijinks these two can get into: sneaking off to Cabo to surf; burning an afternoon at the track; pulling a hustle and ripping off all of dad’s poker buddies. Oh, the fun they might have!


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