Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Poll: Would You Use This New Urinal To Wash Your Penis?

If necessity is the mother of invention, you can make your own assumptions about how this one came about.

Spanish entrepreneurs dreamed up the “Urinary 2.0,” a urinal-bidet combination. Sensors activate a “water curtain sudsy” that does its job in three seconds, complete with hot or cold water preferences and a drying feature. It’s a car wash! For your genitals! Nothing could go wrong!

Photo by Eduard Gevorkyan
Photo by Eduard Gevorkyan

They’re in the prototype phase now, which means someone either already has or is about to work up the courage to take the Urinary 2.0 on a maiden voyage. We can assume proper protocol is still being assessed for eye contact and small talk while your junk’s getting lathered up by a wall-mounted machine.

Would you stick your schwanzstucker in this gadget?

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“Iceland, Sweden and Austria are among the cleanest countries in the world,” Spanish biochemist and businessman, and Urinary co-founder, Eduard Gevorkyan, told laInfo in a sweeping generalization about where people in these countries would want to put their penises. “There [these] certainly could succeed.”









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