Friday, August 12, 2022

Cafe Owner Facebook Rages About Customer’s Gluten-Intolerance

Ask any chef and they’ll likely have a fury-filled story to tell you about a persnickety diner who had a strict dietary requirement that ruined the kitchen’s entire night. Maybe it was parsley they were allergic to. Or the color red. Regardless, when a chef has to put the brakes on the usual flow of their kitchen line, things can often turn ugly.

That’s the case with the White Moose Café in Dublin, Ireland. According to its Facebook page, a diner who had the nerve to ask for gluten-free pancakes over the weekend didn’t know what celiac disease was (it’s a chronic gluten sensitivity). Apparently, that was enough for owner Paul Stenson, who immediately threw his hands up.

After some backlash, the Stenson posted this:

Followed by this:

This time last year, it was vegans who Stenson trolled:

One person’s dietary restriction, it seems, is another person’s free publicity.


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