Monday, November 29, 2021
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You Can Now Buy A Rose Gold iPhone X For Only $4K

Because it’s not enough that a smartphone with a life span of around two years costs $1,000, Truly Exquisite, a London based company, decided to create an iPhone X that’s covered in 18K of rose gold and that has a price of more than $4,000.

Truly Exquisite’s gold is set in aluminum, which is then wrapped around the back and sides of the device. While this addition is beautiful and classy, the aluminum cover can compromise features such as wireless charging and water resistance.

Mashable reports that the London based store has other types of exotic looking iPhones, featuring different types of animal leather, if you’re the sort of person who’s into that. These designs include dyed black crocodile or red dyed python.

Since Truly Exquisite’s prices are so high — all versions of the iPhone come in at over $4,000 — for a limited time the store’s providing an Apple Watch Series 3 with the purchase of one of their devices. Apple Watch devices are priced at around $329.

While none of this makes us very excited for the store, they claim to donate 5 percent of some of their product revenue to organizations such as UNICEF and the World Wildlife Fund.


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