Friday, September 30, 2022

19 Times Kids Kept It Too Real With Their Parents

What do we mean when we say “kids say the darndest things?” Well it’s about a child’s often breathtaking, refreshing honesty. Kids don’t understand social decorum or manners. They don’t realize you shouldn’t insult grandmas’ apple strudel just because it tasted like burned trash.

No one keeps it realer than a child. They are the physical embodiment of the red 100 emoji. So often you’ll hear from a family member involving the phrase, “You won’t believe what [Insert Child’s Name Here] said yesterday.” And so often you laugh at these stories.

As funny as these moments are, you’re kind of limited to the stories within your own family. But thanks to some wonderful, hilarious parents on Twitter, that’s no longer the case. These are parents capturing their children at their raw, unfiltered selves. See if you don’t recognize a child you know in these tweets.


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