Friday, September 22, 2023

WATCH: Bill Murray Interviews Chicago Cubs Players After Last Night’s Amazing World Series Win

As we all know by now, Bill Murray is a diehard Cubs fan and one of the funniest people alive, which made him the perfect person to interview Cubs players and executives during the drunken, raucous celebration the followed last night’s exhausting Game 7 win.

“Is there anyone you want to say hello to that you haven’t thought about lately?” Murray asked Theo Epstein, the team’s legendary President of Baseball of Operations.

“Yeah, you,” Epstein responded, before uncorking a bottle of champagne and spraying the Ghostbusters star in the face. “Yeah, Bill! We just won the World Series!”

“Oh, it does burn,” Murray said, wiping the booze from his face. “It’s a good burn. It’s a good burn. I guess this means I get a 10-day tryout now.”

He ended the interview by thanking Epstein, who assembled the championship team: “My father thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sisters thank you, my brothers thank you, and I thank you.”

Later, Murray spoke with Cubs center fielder Dexter Fowler. “You gotta pace yourself,” he advised the young player as Fowler drank champagne. “You’re going to be doing this for years. You don’t want to start drinking too early.”

“Bill, we do it for fans like you,” Fowler said. “Y’all been fans for your whole life.”

“My whole life,” Murray said. “I’ve been a Cubs fan longer than you’ve been growing that beard. It looks fantastic…I’m going to let my beard grow from now on. I want to look more and more like you.”

“I want to look like you when I grow up,” Fowler replied.

And Murray also praised right fielder Jason Heyward, who’s been in a season long slump.

“The catch off the wall? You should have a bobblehead made of that, where you’re hanging on the wall and you’re head is just bobbling.”

Finally, someone interviewed Murray about the win. “It means a huge weight has been lifted,” he said. “All this effort, the wishing and hoping that they’d win, and now it comes true. It’s wonderful, it’s fantastic. You believe in something and it actually comes true…The great thing about it is we became such great losers. Good sports, good losers. I hope we’re good winners.”

He then finished his champagne and turned back to the reporter with the empty bottle: “Do you recycle?”


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