Sunday, February 25, 2024

Dogs Boning In The Back Of A Car Is The Video America Needs Now

With the United States as divided as its been since the Civil War, Americans need something to bring them together. Something that reminds us of what’s possible if we strive to accomplish something truly daring. Something that can encourage us all to do better and to really go for it, no matter what the haters might say. In other words, we need the below video of two dogs boning in the back of a trailer hitched to a car driving down a busy street.

We don’t know much about the clip, other than that it’s wonderful and that it was likely shot in another country, judging from the car’s license plate. That these bold doggos are probably foreign is an important reminder that we can look beyond our borders for inspiration and hope.

We sincerely hope that all American dogs are paying attention.

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