Saturday, June 3, 2023

Forget About The News: 5 Fab Videos Of Pugs Doing Funny Things

What’s not to love about pugs. Their squished-up, dumb little faces, their oddly-shaped bodies, the confused way they cock their head to the side when they’re listening to you. Since we’ve all got nothing better to do, let’s watch a combined 16 minutes worth of hilarious pug videos together.

Guilty Pug – Bandit the Pug

In this clip, we see Bandit the pug reacting with tremendous guilt as his owner lists the ways in which he’s been a bad dog. But by the end there’s some hope as Bandit seems to agree to try his best to be a better pup.

Dog loses it after finding out he’s at pet store

Captain, which is a fantastic name for a pug, absolutely loses it when his owner informs him that they’re about to go into Petsmart. Captain is a clearly a very good dog, but he should probably calm down a little bit and also get his odd bark checked out.

Pug Loves Baby

Pugs and babies hanging out and doing fun stuff—who doesn’t want to see this?

Pugs, Pugs, Pugs Video Compilation

The YouTube summary says it all: “Pugs loving bath time, pugs eating ice cream, to pugs surfing in the ocean, these are just a few of the pugs you’ll find in this all pugs video compilation.” We can’t wait to watch.

Pug Goes Berserk After Meeting Long Lost Uncle

According to the YouTube summary, Baburao the pug hasn’t seen one of his favorite “uncles” in 10 months. When Babu detects his uncles scent, he promptly loses his mind.

For another awesome story about pugs, check out this comprehensive article outlining the  7 Reasons Why You Should Own Pugs.

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