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Forget Snowman: Build These 8 Snow Creatures This Winter

Do you want to build a snowman? Well too bad because we’re not watching Frozen anymore, baby.

Every year, snow falls, and kids across the world are instructed by multi-billion media corporations and their parents to build snowman. Roll one large ball, one medium ball, one small ball, then stack them one atop another. Add some sticks for legs, a carrot for nose, and…BORING.

Stop using tradition as an excuse to never change. Fresh snow is one of the most malleable substances possible so why keep building snowman instead of getting creative? Build whatever you want in this world, you know?

If you need somewhere to start, follow the lead of these wonderful Twitter users. Construct cats, dogs, or even a turnip this winter season. Here are the eight best things you can build with snow beside a snowman.



A Puppy


…Or a Puppers!

Snow Dalek (?)



Or you could obviously make a Rhinodinohorncorn

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