Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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This Spellbinding Rap About Harry Potter Includes Almost Every Spell Ever

Don’t tell J.K. Rowling, but someone just wrote a rap about Harry Potter. I’m not kidding: Don’t tell, J.K. Rowling. It might inspire her to write some other adjacent Harry Potter universe book, like Harry Potter and the Mythical Muggles of Grime. And we don’t need any more Harry Potter books.

Anyways, this Harry Potter rap. (Trigger warning: I’m about to say it’s spellbinding.) It’s spellbinding. Something like this you expect to describe as gimmicky, but in a pleasant surprise, it’s not. YouTuber Alex Day includes almost every single spell from the books into his rap, which is pretty impressive. Day admits that he “accidentally missed Levicorpus and used Mobilicorpus twice. I was devastated when I realised.”

To which we say, all good, dude! Some of our favorite lyrics include “STUPEFYd, I was out like a light, ACCIO’d over like I was IMMOBILICORPUS” and “‘I am IMPERVIOUS to your IMPENDIMENTA,’ said Jo, ‘and you’re being RIDDIKULUS too!'”

It may not be on the sublime level of Potter Puppet Pals, and Day kind of resembles Voldemort, but the rap is nonetheless a thrilling tribute to the Boy That Lived.

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