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Need To Smile? Watch This John Lewis Ad With Animals On Trampolines

Viral hits from the late 00s are sure to make you smile

Screenshot via John Lewis on Youtube

All of us need a smile these days. So thank goodness for the folks over at John Lewis, who have released their holiday advert featuring trampoline-hopping squirrels, foxes, and a very happy dog.

Is it early for a Christmas cheer commercial? Sure, but considering the circumstances, it’s a forgivable offense.

When John Lewis released the commercial, the hashtag #BusterTheBoxer trended. But Buster’s real name is Biff, a five-year-old boxer who lives with two fellow boxers in Bedfordshire, England. According to BBC, his favorite dish is baked tuna cake, food only a dog could love.

Now if you’re an old-school consumer of internet culture, you might recognize the concept: a dog, tongue wagging all around, jumping up and down. That’s because it’s an old viral YouTube hit from 2007, featuring Chago, “The Trampline Dog.” (Unfortunately the user disabled embedding so click through on the link to check it.)

According to YouTube comments from the uploader, Chago sadly passed away this year. But at least his memory and spirit lives on through the John Lewis commercial.

Chago isn’t the only IRL animal who enjoys jumping on the trampoline. Another YouTube user uploaded a video of two wild foxes bouncing around, playing, and biting at one another. Apparently one summer in Colorado, the wild animals just appeared and decided to have some fun.

Let this serve as a reminder: Great ideas that go mainstream have their inception on the internet.

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