Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jolly Little Beaver Captured While Rooting Through Christmas Section Of Dollar Store

Any organized person will tell you its important to get your holiday shopping done early. In addition to avoiding the anxiety of waiting until the last minute, you’ll also avoid packed stores filled with desperate and ill-tempered shoppers. If you have trouble following this advice, just remember the Christmas-loving beaver who was busted earlier this week as he wandered around the holiday section of a Charlotte Hall, Maryland Dollar Tree.

WJLA reports that witnesses said the furry little guy rooted through all the fake Christmas tree, perhaps because looking for the perfect decoration or confusingly searching for some wood to gnaw on. He also poked around other discounted holiday items, like napkins and cups. Employees eventually called the police to report the beaver.

Aside from a few things being knocked from the shelves, no damage was reported. As for the beaver, he’s doing just fine and was released to a wildlife rehabilitator, according to the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department.


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