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Lesson Learned: Don’t Piss Off Icelandic Elves

Flooded roads, failed machinery, people getting stuck and needing rescue: The elves took it relatively easy on this northern Icelandic village, considering the circumstances.

You see, their home — a mythologically-loaded boulder known as the Lady Elf Stone — was covered in mud and rubble chucked from workers clearing a landslide. This royally peeved its magical inhabitants, setting off a chain of misfortune for those continuing to disrespect their land.

“The local authority had a discussion about it and officially a decision was made at the local council to clean the stone because of the elf lady and her family living there,” Magnus Skarphedinsson, headmaster of the Icelandic Elf School told CBC in an As It Happens interview.

How you get to be a headmaster of an elf school in Iceland in the year 2016 is one of many mysteries surrounding this story. In a a poll conducted by the Iceland Review, 13 percent of Icelanders were brave enough to say elves definitely don’t exist, which is probably a safe call considering the calamity that could follow disrespecting an elf fam. Who is America supposed to blame for plagues like predatory clowns and killer hickeys?

[h/t CBC]

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