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Terminal Stress: 7 Business Travel Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

When you’re flying, chances are you’re already stressed out. Did I pack everything I need? Will I make my flight? Is there going to be a bar near my gate? So many questions. Here are nine savvy business travel hacks that will hopefully help you cope on your next air journey.

Don’t Check Luggage

This is kind of a no-brainer, but you can easily avoid lines by bringing carry-ons only. You’ll not only divert the lines at check-in, but at the transportation hubs, too.

Get Pre-Check Approval Through The TSA

You’ll move through security like a breeze.

Use Hotel Shower Caps To Store Your Shoes

This one comes courtesy of Julie Iannuzzi, who traveled 48 weeks a year. She recommends the shower caps to provide a buffer between dirty shoes and clean clothes in your suitcase.

Delete Your Browser History

According to HubSpot, some airlines and other travel sites will hike up your fare quote every time you click on their website.

So make sure to delete your cookies or use you browser in “incognito” mode.

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Take Screenshot Of Your Destination

Just in case there’s no wifi to access your Google maps.

Download Music And Podcasts

For the very same reason: No wifi to keep you company while you’re waiting for your flight — or on your flight? No problem.

Here’s a list of 45 essential podcasts to download for 2017. In fact, this will give you a reason to look forward to your next flight (or even that really irritating passenger you’ve been seated next to).

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Look Behind The TV

There is usually a USB built into your hotel’s TV in case you forgot your charger. This, ladies  and gentlemen, is what they call a damn lifesaver.


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